satsang - The Sanga of the Sat
The union of beings with the ultimate existence
We conduct satsang during weekends and also at other places. A group of like minded people oriented towards the journey into God, gather together every weekend online and discuss on ways to abide in/by the self, read books which throw the radiance of the divine light. We do have concentrative chakra guided meditations & contemplative meditations during some of the weekends and is decided based on the members energy. We not only focus on wisdom sharing/discussing but also focus on the energy required for the flow of the insights into the filter of mind , which is very essential in the vasana clearance. 

“Sincere efforts with awareness to realize your true self “I am” under right guidance is spiritual practice”

Sadguru Sri Sivapremananda

Some of the pointers during satsang : 

When the seen sees the unseen, unseen it becomes, whatever is seen then is by the unseen

Self realization is not the end though it is the liberation from the illusionary self. The life of eternity starts after self realization

Silence is the most refreshing music and never boring speech

We are vibrational beings who have the freedom to choose which frequency to vibrate

This game of life is so strange… You will have to lose all your identities just to know yourself as the source of all the identities !!!

Being committed to our real nature is the only real commitment

All of the sounds that you hear is the echo of  That SILENCE

Every single being communicates to itself and not to anybody outside

To Join : 
We request sincere seekers only to join the satsang. Though we recommend everyone to meet for the satsang every weekend, it is mandatory that one joins atleast two satsangs in a month. Satsangs are conducted every Sunday 6:30PM IST. Satsangs are usually conducted in English/Tamil. Satsangs usually last from 30 min to 1hr. Q & A would be held on every satsang except during meditation session, where there is a still silence permeated in every member that question doesnt pop up easily. So Q & A session is restricted only during the satsangs when meditation is not held. 
To join the satsang