Maha Shivaratri Sadhana

Prepare yourself to be with the Ultimate Shiva consciousness. Imbibing Shivattva is not an easy task and requires mental and physical preparation.
Yoga and bhakthi are the means trough which one gets aligned to receive the ultimate.

We have the following sadhanas to prepare oneself for the grand MahaShivaratri.

1. Yearlong sadhana
    This sadhana is performed on every month shivratri and ends during MahaShivaratri.
2. 48 day sadhana
    This sadhana startes 48 days before Mahashivaratri.

Both the sadhanas have the same procedure. One needs to get initiated to the shiva sadhana and the procedure would be sent to the registered participants.

1. Age : 14 to 65 years
2. Psychologically fit – One should not have any depression disorders.
3. Pregnant ladies are not adivsed to join.

Requirements :

The sadhana involves pranayama, mantra and also rudraksha. The procedure for the sadhana shall be sent individually to registered participants.

1. Rudraksha – 5 mukhi rudraksha. We ship this energised rudraksha if you are in India.
2. 30 minutes of your time.
3. Devotion to the Shivatva.

Online registration is open :
One can register for the initiation to this sadhana by paying Rs.3900/- (which includes energised rudraksha & shipping within India).
We shall contact you once the registration process is complete to schedule for the initiation.

You can register online by filling the form