About me

Professional Details

Ma has completed B.E (ECE), M.S(By Research) and has varied experience in teaching and in IT sector.

Sri Vani Om Anandi was under the guidance of Gurus early from her childhood, the quest for truth did not diminish until the truth of her real self was discovered. The journey had been full of life lessons which laid the path towards the truth.

She says, “The day i lost me completely, was the day The truth was realised..  After that, there is no after or before

 All through the journey towards the truth, Ma had been guided internally as well as externally by Ma Sri Mookambika. It was Her grace and love for her, that help me live the journey.

Ma’s journey towards truth has not been a bed of roses but there were lessons of pearls and diamonds as gift from the Gurus she met.  She had been under various Gurus and learnt Srividya from Sadguru Sivapremananda under Mulavarga Parampara. She has great respect and love towards Om Swamiji, Rupert Spira and Vethathiri Maharishi.

According to her, “My journey owards self realisation might be over, the seeking is over, yet the journey isnt. Truly life has started only now. Sadhanas and meditations and everything else continues as before yet there is a difference. Now there is Life and i am learning to Live” .

I am not a Guru, I am nothing. I can help you in your journey by my experiential learning, but I dont wish to be a Guru. I am an infant in spirituality.