Pournami, the full moon day is very auspicious day for one to perform sadhana as the universal energy field is aiding to the human mind to elevate from the plane it resides. Once the mind elevates to higher understanding based on ones knowledge and experiences, he/she is ready to receive the higher teachings and wisdom.

We perform Homa during pournami to burn the inner trash of sedimented emotions and wrong perceptions which are the root cause to invite the repeating negative patterns in ones life. We invoke powerful devi mantras during the homa and one is greatly blessed to participate in the homa as it is assured that Devi makes Her presence everytime during the homa. One who regularly performs this homa gets rid of his/her traumatic inner child and an opportunity to blossom and radiate as a divinely human is achieved.

Apart from the homa, one is initiated with sacred mantra and rudraksha as blessing after the homa and meditation.

This is purely done at free of cost to humanity, volunteers and organizers take in charge of the pooja. Its their gratitude that this sadhana is being conducted every month.

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