Pournami Homa and meditation
Pournami Homa and meditation at Vellore
Transform your perceptions, the cause for all the patterned happenings .
Transform the inner child from all its traumas
We create an environment with Divine energies by performing Homa and meditation to transform the traumatic inner child to the most loving and blissful child.
Make use of the opportunity to love yourself and touch your heart.
Ma Adhi Annapoorani (Kasi) blessed rice & energised 5mukhi rudraksha would be shared to all the participants as Her blessing.
Only for registered participants.
Kids above 7 years can also participate.
Registration free. Venue will be shared to registered participants.
For registration whatsapp : 9597027369 / 8610594008

Homa where Divine energies manifest:

Following is the picture of Ma Kalratri ma and her manifestation in the homa:


Ma Sri  Kaalratri Devi


Manifestation of Ma in Agni